Tying together their packages in gay fraternity hazing ritual

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This website is here for all you fans of hazing rituals and one gay fraternity after the other. You will not be able to wrap your mind around how crazy these hazing rituals get and how inventive a gay fraternity can be. For example, check out these young guys having fun in their dorm. They got themselves four new candidates and they tied their dicks and balls to each other in the hallway, with tons more action to come later. Join them all and see what happens next. You won’t regret it.

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Two cute twinks getting facial creamed in gay fraternity hazing

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This website is dedicated to bringing to you only the finest hazing rituals from one gay fraternity after another, with guys so cute and so eager to please that they are just incredible. Check out one of the best hazing rituals here, with two very cute young twinks working that big dong till they get sprayed all over their faces. They look so sexy with all that sticky cum on their face and they are sure to get into this gay fraternity, no worries. Aren’t they the cutest boys ever?

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New members suck off the new members in gay fraternity hazing

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cocks-sucking-in gay-fraternity-hazing

Come on in and see one of the hottest gay fraternity hazing rituals of all times. It includes all of the members, both new and the old getting real drunk in a fancy house. After the boys have had their share of Jaeger and whatnot, it is time for them to show that they are ready to do their buddies’s bidding. They are told to get on their knees and suck some fat dongs belonging to older members. And these gay fraternity noobs really get into it, sucking those cocks like pros.

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Balls-deep inside tight asshole in gay fraternity hazing action

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These two young guys have been members of this gay fraternity for just a few weeks and they are still subjects to some hazing rituals that usually entail the two of them enjoying some steamy gay fucking. This time the gay fraternity hazing get really, really wild as one of them is told to bend over, spread his milky cheeks and get ready for an anal injection. He does it and then the other member of the gay fraternity slams that tight butt while the others watch and cheer on. It’s tons of naughty fun!

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Hard schlong sucking in gay fraternity hazing scene

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This website is here to provide you with all the gay fraternity action you may ever need, including some very wild hazing rituals that involve tons of hardcore gay action that will make your head spin. For example, check out this great scene and see a whole bunch of young members of this gay fraternity outside, wearing fucking diapers. And one of them is also forced to suck on a nice fat dick. One of the older members loves new boys and this time he is getting sucked by a real talented young member.

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