Impaled by big horns, real horns in gay fraternity hazing rituals

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This gay fraternity is famous for hazing rituals that go well beyond the call of duty. There are guys who enroll this college just to experience those hazing rituals and you can now see one of them in this great scene. It features four very tight and very young guys doing what they are told to and this time it includes getting on all fours and taking some huge hors up their asses. And these are real horns, from a helmet! This is something you don’t see every day, kudos to the gay fraternity!

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Naked posing and sucking hard cocks in gay fraternity hazing

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Come on in and check out one of the best hazing rituals a gay fraternity has ever come up with. In this great scene you are going to see some wild gay action and you will also see these eager gay fraternity members getting all naked and flaunting their tight asses and their fat rods. You can see two of the guys posing in the background , praying or something and on the bed, you will see two guys involved in a steamy 69 with tons of great cock sucking.

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Naked football players in gay fraternity hazing

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It is not really that difficult to come up with hot hazing rituals for a gay fraternity, but these guys really take it up a notch. Their ritual involves football gear, a whole bunch of young and strong dudes and some good old-fashioned gay action. First of all, the guys are told to strip and put on the gear. They are then told to jack of in front of everyone and as if this isn’t enough, some steamy gay action starts with some hard and deep anal drilling thrown in for some extra hotness.

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Three guys in a wild gay fraternity hazing

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If you are a fan of gay hazing rituals and you love to see young new guys acting very, very naughty at the request of their new mates, then you are going to love this website. Just take a look at this gay fraternity ritual and you will see why. This scene features three very sexy and very cute young college guys getting all naked in front of old members and then having some hardcore fun, jacking off, sucking each other off and much, much more. Join them and experience one great gay scene.

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Forced to lick the jizz off in gay fraternity hazing ritual

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Every now and then, a guy just wants to check out some gay fraternity hazing rituals that are always insanely steamy and that is where this website comes in with its collection of great gay action at college across the States. In this particular case, you are going to see these three young hunks applying for membership in this gay fraternity and it all gets really, really hardcore. There is tons of anal pounding and it all ends in one of the guys lapping up the cum off of his friend’s hard pecks.

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